Principal Contractor Health & Safety assistance is of
particular use to contractors who rather than providing
a particular work package or perhaps the supply & install
of a machine, require to provide a full turn-key offering to
a client, and in doing so become the Principal Contractor
duty holder for the project.

In this type of situation, constructus takes on the role as
an assistant to the Principal Contractor. We assist with
the duties required to be discharged by the principal
contractor under the cdm regulations 2015.

This service is particularly useful to foreign companies
operating in the UK unfamiliar with the UK requirements, or
for smaller companies lacking suitable resources.

Our provision is always bespoke, however in general
terms we carry out the following:

Pre commencement:
  • Respond to competency requests from the client or
    Principal designer
  • Provide overview training explaining the structure and
    key legislation as it relates to construction work in the
  • Adopt client-site and contractor specific health & safety
  • Provide the construction phase health & safety plan,
    normally for review by the Principal designer on behalf
    of the client
  • Provide multi-lingual health & safety information for the
Safe operation of works on site:
  • Provide the site set up. this can include, temporary
    accommodation, welfare, first aid, fencing, temporary electrical supplies, sign boards and site signage,
    multi lingual if required
  • Manage health & safety operation of the site, we provide
    full time health & safety officer and gate control
  • Cleaning & stocking services for welfare
Control of works packages:
  • Ensure worker competence through monitoring of
    training received, e.g cscs & similar schemes, review
    of in-house training for overseas companies.
  • Compliance review of all method statements, risk
    assessments, COSHH, HAVs, lifting plans & similar.
  • Co-ordination by pre-start health & safety meeting
  • Proactive input to assist Principal & package contractors
    in establishing safe systems of work
  • Monitoring of construction plant safety status, validity
    of test certification, routine inspection, pre-use checks
  • Permit control of hot works, work at height, excavation,
    electrical works and machine zones {e.g. during factory
    installation work}.
  • Daily pre-shift review of all contractor activities and
  • Input into progress review meetings with client &
  • Incident reporting



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