Constructus takes a practical approach to the implementation
of the CDM Regulations and is used to dealing with many of
the difficult issues that can arise. This service is provided primarily to commercial clients.

Whenever possible, we prefer to also take on the role of
providing spot health & safety checks on behalf of the client.
This provides a valuable audit against the construction phase
health & safety plan of the actual implementation of safety
measures during construction.

The duties of the principal designer are well defined and
information is freely available from the HSE website
(see resources). The duties can be summarised on
the right

  • Undertaking the duties defined by the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.
  • Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety in the pre-construction phase. Including taking account of relevant information that might affect design work carried out both before and after the construction phase has started.
  • Help and advise the client in bringing together pre-construction information, and provide the information designers and contractors need to carry out their duties.
  • Work with any other designers on the project to eliminate foreseeable health and safety risks to anyone affected by the work and, where that is not possible, take steps to reduce or control those risks.
  • Ensure that everyone involved in the pre-construction phase communicates and cooperates, coordinating their work wherever required.
  • Liaise with the principal contractor, keeping them informed of any risks that need to be controlled during the construction phase.


  • Prepare the healtth & safety file and pass it to the client after the project finishes.
  • Notification of project (F10) to HSE.
  • Advice to the clientas to the suitability of the initial construction phase Health & Safety Plan.
  • Provide Heatlth & Safety "walk trhough" audits of the site safety to support the site management & client teams.



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